Bath Remodels


large curved bathtub stainless steel faucetsCustom Bathroom Remodels:

Our experience in bathroom remodels ranges from half baths to large custom spa bathrooms which can include the following: New design layout for premium functionality, new vanity design and layout, installation of plumbing fixtures, detailed tile and/or stone work, heated floors with many finish options, lighting design, walk in showers with mud-set or pre-cast pans, shower door installation, custom and/or infrared saunas, new drop in or free standing jetted or soaking tubs.

Layout, Storage, and Materials

This is one of the biggest challenges in bathroom remodels: finding the right layout for your space, your budget, and your needs. Achieving a truly functional bathroom layout is difficult because you must consider available space, style, and storage.

The first item on the proverbial chopping block is often the bathtub itself. If your family doesn't take many baths or has a separate bathroom with a bathtub, opting for a shower will consolidate space and result in greater functionality throughout the rest of the room. A standard shower may allow for greater storage cabinets or a double vanity, but a walk-in closet is also a great way to improve on your room's layout.

Another primary point of concern for homeowners looking for a remodel is usable storage space within the room itself. Whether it's a discrete storage cabinet, an integrated extension of the vanity, or bringing the linen closet into the room, there is no shortage of ideas and possibilities for squeezing in a few more bath elements into various nooks and crannies. If space is a constant issue, consider adding recessed storage and medicine cabinets to maximize available space and expand your elbow room. Organization is key, as any shelf or cabinet you add should incorporate drawer organizers and bins to keep things in check.

As far as materials go, there's plenty of debate in this realm. Tile and linoleum are both very common, leaving a ton of flexibility in styles and available colors. Mosaic tiles are commonly used in showers and bath surrounds with grout placed to seal the surface. Grout is hard to maintain, leading some homeowners to opt for granite or natural stone in the shower.

If you're aiming for a bathroom remodel and want to ensure the finished result lines up with your imagination, give Vertical Construction Group a call. With amazing bathroom remodels already under our belts, we're confident we can leave you with a functional, beautiful new revision of your bathroom to increase your family's enjoyment and boost your home's resale value. Contact us today for more information or to get started on a bid.