Kitchen Remodels

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Custom Kitchen Remodels:

We specialize in medium scale to extravagant custom kitchen remodels. Full custom kitchen remodels can include the following: New cabinet design and layout, cabinet re-facing, structural adjustments to accommodate specific design detail, flooring (or heated flooring!) with many finish options, new lighting design and install, detailed tile and/or stone work for wall details or a simple back-splash, and any additional electrical or plumbing required to create your vision.

Because the kitchen is the heart of your home, remodeling this vital organ can yield a variety of benefits. New kitchens can revitalize a home and bring new energy to a family, drawing them together in a central location for a daily ritual. New countertops, appliances, and cabinetry are just the beginning - a revamped layout, improved lighting, and better storage opportunities are all possible with a well-planned remodel.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Factors

The major factors to the cost of any remodel regardless of scope are budget, longevity, and the neighborhood in question. By planning your project around these factors, it's possible to complete your project with a kitchen that meets or exceeds your expectations, lasts for decades, and ultimately recoups the original cost during resale.


When planning a kitchen remodel, the number one consideration should be budget. It limits every aspect of the project, from materials, professional assistance, and the appearance of the final product. If you fail to budget properly, it's possible that the project could fall apart half-finished after funds run out.

Depending on the age of your home, you may need to set aside additional funds in the event of unexpected problems arising during construction. Plumbing, electrical, structural, pests, and mold problems are all possibilities, but unfortunately are difficult to detect until work has begun.


Another important factor should be the length and duration of your intended stay in your home after the remodel is completed. If you're planning to sell your home shortly after the remodel is complete, you may not want to spend too much money and effort on the project. If you plan to live in your home for several years after, it's not a bad idea to splurge on higher-quality items like new cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. You'll be able to find repeated enjoyment in these aspects and value in repeated use.


While this might not apply to homeowners who don't plan to keep the home for a large portion of their lives, it's important to consider what your neighbors have done with their kitchens. Your kitchen should reflect the best qualities of your home and your personality without going overboard. Comparisons within neighborhoods eventually do factor into buying decisions and market value in the resale market, so taking a hard look at what you like and dislike about other kitchens in your neighborhood.