The Benefits of Hiring an Independent Contractor in Seattle

Seattle is growing fast and new constructions are popping up everywhere! Whether it's a new high rise in South Lake Union or the lot down the street from you, everyone's capitalizing on this boom by rebuilding or remodeling their homes and buildings in a big way. With demand for quality labor outpacing the supply, it…
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3 Essential Kitchen Upgrade Trends for 2015

There's a difference keeping up with the Joneses and actually being the Joneses - wouldn't you rather be the latter? Vertical Construction Group has the quality craftsmanship and knowledge you need to bring your kitchen up-to-date and looking incredible for years to come. Here's what we're seeing as far as current kitchen remodel trends that…
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5 Questions to Ask before Hiring a General Contractor

Depending on your choice, a general contractor can make or break your remodel or construction project. Whether it's the quality, professionalism, or cost of the work, knowing what to expect up front can only benefit both parties over the life of the project. To ensure you'll get the most from your general contractor, ask these…
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