Aesthetic Improvements


Full Structural Additions:

Vertical Construction Group are experts in full structural additions. We will follow your design of choice, completing the project in a timely fashion by your design vision and architectural blueprints. We also do exterior re-finishing including siding, exterior painting, log home re-finishing, chinking, new doors, windows, fire places with a plethora of design finishes, new entryways and so much more.

Valuable Aesthetic Improvements

- Revamped entry way
- New front door and approach
- Replacement windows
- Custom molding and finishing
- Basement and attic finishing
- New laminate or natural stone flooring
- Accent lighting

Function Meets Form

Just because you're shaking up the appearance of your home doesn't mean that upgrade can't have a functional value, too. There are plenty of avenues to explore when you find yourself considering a visual overhaul, but these upgrades may bring both form and function to your home for years to come.

Rethink the Entryway

By boosting the curb appeal of your home, you're adding significantly to its overall value. The front door is the first thing people notice about your home, so why not make a promising first impression? With a brand-new door, surround, and approach, there's no telling the degree to which your home's profile will be altered for the better. Steel doors are a popular solution these days, adding greatly to the property's energy efficiency and security. After all, what's more secure than steel when it comes to a front door?

Once you get inside, there's still work to be done. If space allows, consider implementing a functional foyer. A coat closet can double for extra storage space and noticeably de-clutter your home's entryway, but getting creative and implementing a storage bench, built-in cabinets, or integrated storage areas near the front door will help maintain functionality while keeping things clean and consistent.

Bright, Beautiful New Windows

Beyond new panes, the benefits of new windows are nearly limitless. Expanded window wells allow for more natural light and can dramatically transform the profile of your home. Large picture windows are in style right now, but installation requires a considerable amount of work. Furthermore, older windows that have failed seals aren't doing your pocketbook any favors, leaving you with the challenge of both improving your home's energy efficiency while boosting the aesthetic value.

Finish that Basement!

A major bugbear for many a homeowner, there's a lot of promise in an unfinished basement - and a lot of challenges. While the same could be said for unfinished attics, the retreat and comfort of a basement living space is nearly unmatched. A cool, quiet respite during sweltering summer months and a cozy retreat for chilly winter nights, a beautiful, functional basement living space is within your reach. It's the ultimate DIY project, but if you choose to go the professional route and finally knock that item off your to-do list, you'll be glad you called Vertical Construction Group.