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Custom Home Remodeling  Consulting Services

We provide a wide variety of professional and design advice, consulting and pre-construction services.

Vertical Construction Group offers professional consulting services for custom home projects ranging from design advice, material purchasing, pre-construction services, and oversight into larger projects.

We approach consulting as an alliance between the homeowner and our team. We advocate on your behalf, acting as an ally that guides you through permitting, planning, hiring, and execution until the end result lines up with your initial hopes and dreams for the project.

If you're considering repairs to your space or property, it's important to solicit multiple bids and opinions on the cost, scope, and strategy for repairs. Moreover, it's crucial you ask each contractor the extent to which their consultation services extend to handling daily issues, coordination of construction projects, and how hands-on their preparations and final inspections might be.

DIY? You'll Need Expert Advice

A home remodel is the ultimate test of one's DIY prowess. The potential upside is huge - homeowners can save thousands of dollars on the costs of remodels by putting themselves to work. Plus, it's a fun, engaging, absorbing project to take on. But the downsides of a DIY project gone wrong can be a headache of unimaginable proportions. Without an expert resource in your corner, your home improvement project could be a disastrous expense, wasting time, energy, and money.

If you're planning to take on a custom remodel project as your own general contractor, you'll need help ensuring your permitting, planning, and preparation are fully conceptualized before you begin work. Material selection, hiring of subcontractors, and vendor selection are all critically important factors to consider and without expert insight into the construction industry, those can be difficult to attain on your own.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Construction Consultant

- Diverse experience across a wide range of specialities and disciplines
- Oversight for multiple projects
- Mitigation of risk
- Tackle high-stakes, time-sensitive issues with professionalism
- Site selection, zoning, permitting, and planning services available

For expert assistance throughout every phase of your remodel project, contact Vertical Construction Group today.