Custom Homes

Seattle Custom Homes & Renovations  Vertical Construction Group

Whether you're a homeowner looking to finally build your dream home or an investor who wants to transform a property and attract a buyer, Vertical Construction Group has the knowledge and expertise necessary to make your custom home construction project a reality.

Because of the risks involved in a custom home construction project, finding an established, reliable general contractor to oversee the project is an essential first step. Getting the contractor involved early in the process not only streamlines preparation and pre-planning, but also keeps all aspects of the project under one roof from the get-go.

When beginning a custom home construction project, design changes may conflict with a cost-effective approach. That's why we set out to mitigate cost overages and exposures by preparing several options in the event of problems, delays, and scheduling conflicts.

Vertical Construction Group works closely with building designers and architects from the outset. We take the needs and desires of the client into account while maintaining a sound structural design and consistent, modern aesthetic. Our team has extensive experience in custom home construction, with several projects under our belts ranging from the Pacific Northwest to the luxurious slopes of Park City, Utah.

Vertical Construction Group prides itself on educating clients, helping them make effective, actionable decisions while taking into account cost and design options. No matter what, we closely supervise your project and keep lines of communication open starting on day one — that's why so many of our clients refer us to their friends and families when the time comes for their own construction projects.

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