Small Projects

10Home improvement begins with the basics. While our team loves taking on ground-up construction projects and large-scale remodels, we also know the value of single smaller-scale jobs. A home can only be as functional as its weakest individual elements, so when it’s time to replace the fence in your yard, repair the broken handrail along your staircase, or swap that worn, decades-old front door with a new one that seals out drafts and moisture, don’t delay.

Whether your home requires a minor aesthetic upgrade or a basic functional improvement, Vertical Construction will sweat the small stuff — so you don’t have to.

Here are just a few ways we can help you start small to save big on future renovations and more:

Aesthetic Improvements
Boost your home’s value and customize your existing space

  • Revamped entry way
  • New front door
  • New or replacement deck
  • Replacement windows
  • New or replacement fencing
  • Custom molding and finishing
  • Basement and attic finishing
  • New laminate or natural stone flooring
  • Accent lighting

Function Meets Form
Enjoy your investment for years to come

When you’re ready to revamp your home’s appearance, make sure each visual upgrade also offers maximum functional value. As you explore and consider several potential upgrades for your aesthetic overhaul, invest in those that will bring both form and long-lasting function to your home. We’re here to help you achieve big returns on even the smallest projects.

Bright, Beautiful New Windows
One of countless small project ideas to yield impressive results

Beyond new panes, the benefits of new windows are nearly limitless. Expanded window wells allow for more natural light and can dramatically transform the profile of your home. Large picture windows are currently trending, but installation requires a considerable amount of work. Furthermore, older windows that have failed seals aren't doing your pocketbook any favors, leaving you with the challenge of both improving your home's energy efficiency while boosting the aesthetic value. Our team will tackle the replacement from window selection to installation and cleanup, so you stay stress-free.

Contact us today to discuss your home improvement project needs...regardless of size!