5 Great Small Bathroom Ideas for Your Remodel

Right up there on the list of the best home remodels to increase your home’s value alongside a new kitchen is the bathroom remodel. Master bathrooms are especially valuable, as they must fulfill the dual task of increasing the homeowner’s enjoyment and eliciting envy in visitors. Even if your master bath is a little cramped or you’re simply squeezed for extra space, there are ways to get around your constrictions and beautify your home with a brand-new bathroom remodel.

1. Upgrade Your Lighting

Whether that means a skylight or additional bulbs around the ceiling, upping the lighting in a bathroom is both hugely functional and impressive. The last thing people think of when they think of a welcoming bathroom is darkness, so don’t be afraid to go brighter than before. Natural light always makes a room feel light and airy, so opt for that if you can.

2. Include Extra Storage

Keeping your room clean and neat will open up any space, no matter how big or small. Building storage into the fixtures of your bathroom will help consolidate space and help keep the area tidy, giving you room to move and breathe. Racks and exposed storage don’t tend to fix the cluttered feeling, so opt for closed-off storage and it’ll go a long way towards improving your mood while you’re in the room.

3. Separate the Toilet

The abode isn’t always supposed to be the centerpiece of the room. Converting a neighboring closet or walling off a section of your bathroom to add a water closet will help keep your bathroom business separate – essential for multiple occupants. If the layout of your room doesn’t mesh with that idea, plan to upgrade the toilet with a tankless or freestanding system to modernize the fixture and beautify the space.

4. Install Natural Stone

People tend to think of granite or marble countertops as massive pieces that require a lot of space, but natural stone can be cut to specific shapes and sizes with ease. Adding natural stone around your sink or bathtub surround is an incredibly luxurious addition that will significantly boost your home’s value if you choose to put it back on the market someday.

5. Give It a Spark

Make your bathroom memorable. Consistency and contrast are all fine and dandy, but adding a creative twist on the ho-hum bathroom designs of the modern era will bring your own personality through. Mismatched tiles, a bathtub desk, or simply a bit of homemade decor will help welcome you to the room and show others that it’s truly yours.

Ready to get inspired? Check out our gallery to see all of our previous bathroom remodel and construction work and when you’re ready to discuss your own project, give Vertical Construction Group a call or use the contact form to get in touch!

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