Design Services


Vertical Construction is consistently working to execute architectural ideas with respect to aesthetics, functionality, structural integrity, and innovation. We are committed to continuing the exploration and development of cutting-edge, cohesive, and elegant design and architecture.

We strive to form sustainable, stunning, and inviting spaces that create a positive environment where people can be excited and inspired by their surroundings.


Sustainable design, unique challenges, and thoughtfully progressive design solutions are very important to us. Keeping the environment and efficiency at the forefront of our minds while continuing to push the boundaries of design and architecture is what we aim for.

Architectural Renderings

Vertical Construction is happy to offer architectural renderings for commercial and residential architecture, engineering, interior design, and custom furniture projects.

These animations and images can help give you an immersive and photo-realistic representation of a space. They help illustrate life-like experiences of how your space or building will look before they have been built to fully depict the design direction.

Advantages of a Design-Build Approach

If you want to get the most value from your project, work with us for both the design and build stages of your remodel. This approach offers many advantages over hiring separate companies for each project phase.

There’s no need to facilitate the back-and-forth between your designer and contractor, and less chance of miscommunications and confusion. In addition, Vertical Construction Group’s CRM organizes your entire project in one convenient online portal.

Let Us Design a Space You'll Love