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5 Questions to Ask before Hiring a General Contractor

Depending on your choice, a general contractor can make or break your remodel or construction project. Whether it’s the quality, professionalism, or cost of the work, knowing what to expect up front can only benefit both parties over the life of the project.

To ensure you’ll get the most from your general contractor, ask these 5 questions before you hire them:

1. Is Your Bid an Estimate or a Fixed Cost?

Most contractors bid by estimate to make room for unforeseen costs or additional work required later in the construction process. You should be wary of a fixed price, but you can get a closer idea of the actual estimate if you eliminate some variables in the initial process. This will bring you closer together and help increase transparency during the project.

2. Do You Have References or Examples of Your Work?

No one who makes their living through customer relationships and good referrals would shy away from sharing those with prospective customers. Beware of contractors that don’t eagerly provide references or direct you to examples of their work. If they’re not proud of it, there’s a good chance you won’t be satisfied, either!

3. Who Do You Work With?

Subcontractors can be scary. Some contractors cut corners in this department or hire questionable subcontractors, but fortunately for you, they also operate based on reputation. Make sure you hire someone from the local area who depends on that positive word-of-mouth to continue working, but ask your contractor who they’ll be subcontracting to and how many times they’ve worked with them in the past.

4. Where Do You Get Your Material?

Talking to the owners or operators of your potential contractor’s suppliers can not only give you a good idea of the quality of your contractor, but help you understand the value of the material itself and whether or not it matches your preferences. If your contractor is open and upfront about where he gets his materials, that’s a good sign he’s a reputable operator.

5. What Happens if There’s a Problem?

Construction projects are like anything else – problems will arise and the character of your contractor will show during these times. Have him tell you about problems he’s encountered in the past, how he solved them without breaking the bank, and discuss the nature of the issue with the previous client (if possible). Knowing what to expect when the unexpected happens can only help in the long run.

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