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3 Essential Kitchen Upgrade Trends for 2015

There’s a difference keeping up with the Joneses and actually being the Joneses – wouldn’t you rather be the latter? Vertical Construction Group has the quality craftsmanship and knowledge you need to bring your kitchen up-to-date and looking incredible for years to come. Here’s what we’re seeing as far as current kitchen remodel trends that are gaining popularity this year:

1. Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone used inside your home increases its value, but there’s nothing better than preparing food on a natural stone surface. Being able to put your hands on a granite or marble countertop and feel the quality of the stone should be something every homeowner should experience.

2. Blend Modern and Traditional Tendencies

Modern fixtures, lighting, and decor with traditional-style cabinets and warm textures can bring life into a kitchen. Classic wood cabinet doors are being combined with marble countertops and stainless steel is being used with wood these days, so don’t be afraid to break the rules if it fits your desired final look! Check out one of our traditional kitchen remodels.

3. Return of the Island

Islands were very popular in kitchens built in the ’80s and ’90s, but most of them look horribly outdated in 2015. A refresh of your island will make it more than just a food prep and serving area – it’ll become the centerpiece of your kitchen with sophisticated designs and brand-new lighting. Take a look at one of our kitchen island remodels.

Vertical Construction Group can bring your dream kitchen to life. Our expertise and workmanship is getting noticed in Seattle homes of every age and style. See if you recognize our work on our portfolio and feel free to contact us to discuss your remodel project or to get an estimate.

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