5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

If you’ve reached the milestone of buying your own home, there are many things to consider when making this investment. Your home is where you’ll navigate each chapter of your life, watch your family grow, and look forward to returning to at the end of the day. Its also one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make, so it’s important to make sure this home is what you’re looking for. If you’ve toured home after home and still haven’t found the right one for you, it may be time to consider building your own custom home.

Custom homes are on the rise as the market becomes more limited on move-in ready homes. They give you the opportunity to get exactly what you want, so you can build a home for your present as well as your future. Here are just a few of the many benefits to building a custom home.


One of the main reasons that many people are hesitant to build a custom home is that they believe them to be significantly more expensive than buying an existing home. However, often they are comparing the overall price of building the home compared to the initial price of purchasing a house. What they are not taking into account is how much it will cost in the long run. When buying a pre-existing home, you have to remember that it is not brand new, so it will likely need repairs down the road. Depending on the age of the house, you may have to spend money on fixing faulty wiring, flooring, plumbing or any number of things, plus the cost of updating electronics or decor. This will cost you more than you think in the long term.


Appliances, whether we notice or not, are a huge part of your home. They are things that are used on a daily basis, and if they are not up to your standard or inconvenient, you will certainly feel the difference. Building a custom home allows you to put the appliances that you want, where you want. This will ensure that you don’t have to move things around or update old appliances in a pre-existing home.


One of the best things about custom homes is that they don’t have to fit into any traditional mold. Building a custom home means that you can create a house that achieves the most amount of privacy, natural light and views possible from the get-go. The best part about building a custom home is the feeling of familiarity you get when you walk through the door, because you chose everything in the house from the wiring, to the layout, to the handles on the doors.

Environmentally Friendly

A custom home ensures that you can add the environmental and ultimately energy-saving technologies that you want in the home right away. This means overall better insulation and windows, as well as extra features such as solar panels if desired. Installing these during construction will be cheaper than doing them later on, and these features will save you money every month on your utility bills.

At Vertical Construction, we’ve built a wide variety of custom homes to fit exactly what our customers are looking for. To learn more about services or to check out our portfolio, visit our website today!

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