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Does Your Bathroom Need an Upgrade?

Between jobs, families, and everything else you have on your plate, dealing with dripping showers and leaky faucets in the bathroom is probably at the bottom of your to do list. Whether you live in a relatively new space, a vintage home, or anything in between, many homeowners don’t realize their bathroom may need an upgrade. From tiny leaks, to out of date plumbing systems, there are many small bathroom nuisances that can turn into costly problems to fix down the line. To be proactive in your bathroom and nip potential problems in the bud, consider upgrading your bathroom today.

If you’re hoping to sell your house

If you’re hoping to sell your house in the near future, upgrading your bathroom can be a great return on your investment. From installing stylish sinks, to updating bathtubs and installing state of the art plumbing systems, a recently remodeled bathroom can add a lot of value to your home. While it may seem pointless to put money into a home you’re hoping to move out of, these updates can bring you a great value in the long run.

If you see small patches of mold

With sinks, showers, and other water sources it’s no secret that bathrooms are targets for mold. If there are patches of mold near the faucet or at the edges of your tub, it’s probably time to look into updates. Mold can be an easy fix if caught in the early stages, but if it progresses for too long it can do serious damage to your walls, tiles, floors, and bank account.

If your bathroom’s been the same since 1987

If your bathroom has had the same design, floor, and appliance for long periods of time, it’s probably due for an update. Newer plumbing systems can save you money by reducing your heating and water bills, and insure you don’t have mold or leaks. If your toilet is over 15 years old, it’s probably outdated and could be replaced with a more functional model that uses less water.  Even if being in with the latest trends in home decor it’s your first priority, updates can make your bathroom both more functional and fashionable.

If you need more space

If a spouse moves in with you or if you and your significant other have children, it’s easy to outgrow your one-bathroom apartment or house. If your family is growing, having an additional bathroom or just more space in the one you already have can save you a lot of hassle. Upgrading your bathroom will be well worth it to save the fights about long showers or hogging the sink.
There’s no debating that bathrooms are an integral part of your home. Whether you’re looking for a more stylish setup, a new design that lowers your electric bill, or a bathroom that will keep your family going for the next 30 years, we’re here to help. If you need a bathroom upgrade in Western Washington, contact Vertical Construction today!

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