DIY Home Construction Tips for 2017

Thinking about remodeling your home this year? If so, you want to be on the edge of the coming trends so that your remodel really makes your home look updated, modern, and attractive. This is doubly important if you plan to sell, but still carries a lot of weight if you just want to live in a stunning house that will leave guests speechless. Here are some design tips that you may want to incorporate into your projects.

1. Install deep drawers in the kitchen.

These look great, but they’re all about function. A drawer that is twice as deep can be used to store pots, pans, oversized bowls, crockpots, and many other things that never seem to stack well in traditional cupboards.

2. Get the most out of your island.

When putting in islands, people used to think mainly about cupboard space and counter space. These are great, but adding a cooktop and a sink really makes the island a do-all station where you can prepare meals. Work in some outlets and you can keep everything centered in the kitchen.

3. Add heated floors.

Heated floors are becoming so popular that some people are just putting them everywhere and letting the ambient heat warm the home. This instantly makes you feel warmer, even before the air heats up, especially when walking in bare feet on tile floors.

4. Utilize open spaces and open designs.

Open floor plans have been all the rage for a while now, both in remodels and new builds, but that open feel can go further. For instance, some people are ditching cupboards for open shelving, stacking plates and bowls where they can be seen and easily accessed. This can make the kitchen feel bigger, even when it’s not.

5. Make your backsplashes count.

Maybe you want to add some style and color to the house without totally remodeling everything. Consider how small areas, like backslashes, can change the vibe of the entire room. For instance, a red-brick backsplash gives the whole kitchen more of a rustic, old-world charm without having to put brick everywhere.

6. Forget traditional bedrooms.

People often do little in a bedroom, thinking you can’t really remodel such a simple space. You can, though, if you embrace attention-grabbing elements like towering headboards, feature walls, exotic light fixtures, and vaulted ceilings. Yes, most of your bedroom is defined by your furnishings, but don’t think a remodel in the bedroom only involves paint. There’s so much more you can do to make it a space you’ll love.

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