What To Consider When Choosing Flooring

Wood floors can last a lifetime, and if well maintained they will only gain character with age. Laminates can mimic just about any design and the better brands are even resistant to discoloration and scratching. Vinyl can take a beating and keep looking fantastic through just about anything you throw at it.

So which should you choose? That entirely depends on what you need to get out of your new flooring. Looking for the right fit for your home? Consider a few of the following and see if they fit your needs.

Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood floor can facilitate a well-worn vintage aesthetic or complement a crisp and clean modern decor, it all depends on the type of wood, the cut, and the finish. If you are looking for a professional appearance parquet floors should be your first choice. Strip cuts will give the appearance of there being more space, and planks will provide a warm rustic atmosphere.

If you will have pets and/or kids around it is wise to choose the hardest wood you can. Red oak is a great choice for how rugged it is, while pine, as lovely as it may be, is easily scratched.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is easily installed, low cost, and if done well, just as visually appealing as a hardwood floor.

Unlike wood, laminate is nearly immune to scratches and dents. This is because laminate has what is called a “wear layer” overtop of the surface you actually see. Think of it as the screen protector you put over the screen on your phone.

The major downside to laminate is that if damage to the flooring is bad enough to show up there is no way to refinish the flooring. So, if the damage is extensive enough your only option will be to replace it.

Vinyl Flooring

Affordable, durable, and with a long life, vinyl is a popular option for a reason.

A great choice for kitchen floors no matter who the household chef is. Vinyl is second to none in terms of ease of cleaning. It only takes a regular sweeping and the occasional light mopping, more occasionally with cleaning solution, to keep it sparkling clean. Having higher quality coatings over the flooring means that spills will just bead up and wipe away with ease.

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tiles are found everywhere from your gym’s locker room to the ruins of Pompeii. They are thin slabs of clay hardened in a kiln and covered with a glaze to protect them.

Ceramic tiles are reasonably resistant to moisture, scratches, stains, and dents. They do have a few downsides, though. Those being that they can be more expensive to install and are difficult to replace if damaged.

What Works For You?

That’s the important question. While some of these flooring types are standardized for different parts of a home by default, it ultimately comes down to what your needs are and what materials will do the job you need them to do. Chances are you won’t want hardwood flooring in the bathroom, but then again it may be an appealing option if you’re in the market for a lavish beach house. For the budget conscious looking for longevity in what you install, vinyl takes the cake.

Weigh the factors and see what works best for what you need. If you need any recommendations, feel free to call the experts and talk it over.

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