Focus on Sustainability with Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling any space in your home requires getting rid of old materials and appliances and buying new ones. From a sustainability standpoint, any time you turn something into refuse before the end of its useful life, you’re being wasteful. Many remodeling projects can be anything but green and planet-friendly. Thankfully, with a little planning and attention to details, you can substantially reduce the impact of remodeling your kitchen.

Keeping What You Can Reduces Impact

Sure, you hate those dark, boring cabinets in your kitchen. However, instead of tearing them all out, you can refinish them, add new, modern hardware (such as pulls, handles and hinges) and even change their layout to refresh your kitchen without sending working cabinets to the landfill.

Old fixtures for water or lighting in one room can be painted and used in another, gifted to friends or even donated to resale shops if in working order. Anything you keep out of a landfill reduces your impact.

Look for Sustainable and Energy-Efficient New Additions

Sometimes, upgrading to new just makes sense. Older fridges, dishwashers and ranges can suck up energy. Newer, Energy-Star compliant appliances can reduce your energy use substantially. Just make sure that your old, working appliances end up donated to a good cause, sold to someone who has a need or recycled for parts, instead of just hauled to a landfill.

Beyond appliances, you should prioritize sustainability when sourcing materials. Sustainably harvested woods like cork or alternatives like bamboo or reclaimed, repurposed woods can look as beautiful and fresh as rare, exotic and over-harvested woods in your kitchen. You can also find eco-friendly flooring, countertops and even new cabinets if you just can’t save your old ones.

The Right Help Makes All the Difference

Not every contractor can help you focus on sustainability when remodeling your kitchen. Thankfully, the team at Vertical Construction has experience with environmentally friendly kitchen makeovers. Are you dreaming of an open, bright kitchen that looks like it was pulled from a classic farmhouse? Reclaimed materials, fresh paint and creative sourcing for features can make that dream an eco-friendly reality.

Maybe you’re hoping for something a little more modern, with a colorful tile backsplash, chrome appliances and sleek, modern lines. Almost any aesthetic can be catered to in a properly planned sustainable remodel. The team at Vertical Construction can help you plan and realize your dream kitchen, all while helping you reduce energy use, water consumption and waste of raw materials. From better lighting to more organic flow to the space, Vertical Construction can help optimize your investment in a remodeled kitchen while minimizing your environmental impact.

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