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How to Live Through a Home Remodel or Renovation

Most of what we do is remodel our clients’ kitchens, bathrooms, or larger portions of their homes. No matter how long the home renovation or room remodel takes, the chaos and mess can lead to high amounts of stress and anxiety for the clients that choose to live in the home or area during construction. We don’t want that! Here are some tips for how to live through a home remodel without going crazy…

  • Be patient and flexible, but smart. Sometimes it’s tempting to choose a less expensive tradesman, but the lower price can come with delays or poor quality work. Do your research when it comes to your contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. and select the best in each industry that you can afford. Once they’ve started, you will save some stress if you are ready to be flexible, since something almost always goes wrong. Having a backup contingency plan of around 20% over the contracted price to cover any potential missed quantities of finish materials, ability to have more flexibility with your temporary housing (if needed), unforeseen conditions that could go beyond the contractors contingency – these are all good ideas, and will alleviate stress through an already stressful process.
  • Create an alternative space for the one you’re losing. Even if you are only doing a partial kitchen remodel, you will be much better off if you plan not to use the room at all (to avoid getting in the way of the work or losing a meal to drywall dust). Designate alternative space for doing everything you used to do in the space that’s under construction. For example, cook with your microwave and a George Foreman grill in a corner of the dining room and wash the dishes in the bathtub if you’re remodeling the kitchen, and plan to shower at the gym if the bathrooms are getting a new look.
  • Ignore the mess. For the weeks or months that your remodel is underway, forget about judgment from the neighbors, house guests, etc. A home renovation is always messy. Let go of your stress about the mess and you’ll be a much happier camper. You can clean up once the remodel is done!
  • Don’t allow your home indoor air quality to suffer from the project, with the drywall dust, insulation particles, sawdust, etc. Make sure the contractor sections off the renovation zones with dust walls and zipper doors for access, also make sure a clear construction path and debris location is established prior to starting demo. Have additional filters if your furnace will be running during the renovation.
  • Leave the house. Sometimes no matter what you do, the mess of a construction project is just too much to bear. If you can’t move out completely during your renovation, at least try to plan to be away for a vacation for the messiest part (such as demolition).

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