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The Benefits of Hiring an Independent Contractor in Seattle

Seattle is growing fast and new constructions are popping up everywhere! Whether it’s a new high rise in South Lake Union or the lot down the street from you, everyone’s capitalizing on this boom by rebuilding or remodeling their homes and buildings in a big way. With demand for quality labor outpacing the supply, it might be hard to find good work these days. Here are some benefits of hiring an independent contractor in Seattle:

Save Money

Bigger firms mean more employees, more liability, and more overhead. A smaller independent contractor can save you money by comparison due to the simple fact that they don’t have to pay as much for benefits, office space, and other overhead that larger organizations have to take into account. That means that your project costs could be significantly lower than with a bigger firm. We provide professional consultation on all things design and construction.

Tighter Connections with Subcontractors

General contractors all need help. The best part about a smaller general contractor is that they like working with other smaller subcontractors over and over again so they can share the wealth with referrals and other projects in the future. An independent general contractor with established connections in the industry can lead to a better final product for you simply because the subcontractors want to please both you and the general contractor, leaving them twice as accountable for their work.

Face-to-Face Cooperation

When you hire an independent contractor, you’re hiring someone to work in or around your home for several months. That’s a commitment to be sure. The benefit of hiring an independent contractor over a larger, more omnipotent firm means you’ll have the same person guiding the project from start to finish.

When inspiration strikes and you want to discuss your construction, remodel, or renovation projects with a reliable general contractor, give Vertical Construction Group a call. To see work that truly speaks for itself, there’s always our projects page.

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