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Winter is the Perfect Time to Remodel – Here’s Why

In the face of cold winter weather and the draw of a warm fire, many homeowners are burrowing in for a long winter’s nap, putting home improvement projects on hold until spring. But while common sense says this is a wise decision, as warm weather is more accommodating to outdoor projects, the truth of the matter is that having a home remodel project completed during winter is actually a great idea. Here’s why:

Cheaper Materials

If you don’t think that big box home improvement stores and wholesalers don’t realize that summer is a popular season for home improvement projects, you’re quite simply out of your mind. Much like any other seasonal industry, suppliers will mark up popular items accordingly and attempt to clear out inventory. Waiting until fall or winter to shop for construction materials will generally yield a better selection of products and opportunities for better pricing.

Flexible Schedules

Summer is an extremely busy time for construction professionals and skilled laborers alike, so if you’re planning to hire additional help for any aspect of your project, it’d be better to complete those portions during the winter months. The dates available will be more conducive to both parties and the contractor’s quoted rate may be cheaper than in the highly competitive summer season.

Tax Benefits

An investment in a home improvement project can yield many dividends in the future, but plopping down a bunch of money in the middle of the year doesn’t exactly set you up for a clear picture of your year-end budget situation. Waiting until late fall or winter to complete your project gives you a better idea of your tax liability and any rebates you may qualify for during tax season, giving you a better picture of your financial situation heading into the new year.

If you’re committed to avoiding the holiday slump and want to make some headway on a home improvement project this winter, contact the team at Vertical Construction Group. Our expert design, planning, and implementation on construction projects large and small can help you keep your project on-track and on-budget with beautiful results. Contact us today for more information on our process or to discuss your project in full.

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