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4 Commonly Overlooked Aspects of a Home Remodel

A home remodel is a wonderful investment, boosting your family’s overall enjoyment of your home and increasing its value for a potential future resale. With common home improvement projects like a new kitchen or bathroom remodel there come some problems, as homeowners tend to skimp on features or aspects they deem “optional” or “secondary.” Unfortunately, cutting corners during any home improvement project is a bad idea, leading to further, potentially costlier problems down the road. When considering a home remodel project, be sure to cover the following bases:

Updated Electricity

Just because your new lighting and electric outlets are new doesn’t mean your wiring – or your breaker – can handle the updated electrical elements to your home. Hiring an electrician is one option, but choosing a general contractor with trusted subcontractors and partners can ensure a consistent, reliable result. While you’re at it, checking to ensure each of your outlets is properly grounded and up to current code will save you a lot of headaches when it comes time for a home inspection.

Improved Water Heater

A bathroom upgrade is an invaluable improvement to your home, with tankless toilets and energy-efficient fixtures all the rage this year. However, new showers, tubs, and sinks may be stifled by old or subpar water heaters. New tankless water heating systems aren’t just more efficient – they take up much less space in your home and are much safer than boilers.

Larger Gas Meter

Adding any gas appliances to your home may require larger, more current gas meters. Add up the BTU needs of each of your new gas-powered appliances (including that shiny new gas range in your kitchen remodel) and consult your natural gas provider before making any upgrades to your home. You may be in need of a larger, more capable gas meter to accommodate your additions in a safe manner.

Energy Efficient Elements

Whether you’re replacing doors, windows, walls, or flooring, you should make the extra effort towards making your home more energy efficient. Not only will the upgrade save you money on your energy bills long-term, it will go a long way to convincing a potential buyer of your home’s overall value. As an added bonus, installing energy-efficient window film to your entire home as part of a home remodel project can pay off huge in the long run, keeping as much as 70% of the generated heat in your home inside where it belongs.

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