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5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Next Summer’s Home Improvement Projects Now

Summer is a great time for home improvement projects, but you don’t want to start planning them halfway through the season. You should already have your projects planned for this year, and any planning you do should be for next summer. Here are a few reasons why this advanced planning is so helpful.

1. You need a creative direction.

Many people who don’t like the results of a home improvement plan feel that way because they never really had any direction to begin with. Making decisions as you go, toward some unknown end, just gets you a hodgepodge result that isn’t what you envisioned. If you have a plan and an idea of what you want the end result to look like, you can make better decisions that all work together toward that goal.

2. It gives you time to save up the funds.

If you don’t have the money on hand right now, it can be frustrating to come up with a great plan and then not be able to execute it. Planning for next year gives you 12 months to plan financially. This takes a ton of the stress out of the project so that you’re just free to enjoy the upgrades to your house.

3. You can look into the rules and regulations in your area.

Some rules are quite strict. For things like electrical work, for example, it’s important to have professionals who will do a quality job that is up to code. You also need to look into all of the licenses that you may need, the way that your area is zoned by the city, and more. It’s problematic to start the job and then get shut down by the city because you don’t have everything in place, so having a year to do the paperwork is quite helpful.

4. You can gather materials.

Depending on who you hire, you may just order materials directly. However, some people like to use specialty pieces, like authentic barn wood trim or antique light fixtures. If these things can’t be ordered directly, you need time to track down all of the things that are most important to you. Again, this goes back to your creative direction and your inspiration for the space.

5. That checklist gives you motivation.

There are always little things to do before a home improvement project. This could include demo work, clearing out a space, upgrading the electrical or plumbing systems in the home, and much more. When you plan out the job, you can make a checklist of the little projects that will pave the way for it to be completed, and that will motivate you for the whole year.

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