5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Excellent Business Owners

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the United States has one veteran-owned business for every 10 veterans. Although nothing can compare to the challenges and experiences of military life, veterans who bring their unique set of skills to their businesses tend to truly shine.

In honor of Veteran’s Day on Monday, November 11, and to celebrate all of our men and women who have served this country, we would like to highlight five of the many reasons why veterans make great business owners.

Great Communication

Veterans know how essential communication is when it comes to working in a team. In the military, success is often dependent on how well the team works together, and transferring this philosophy to running a business makes for a strong relationship between business owner and employees and encourages quality performances.


Although military veterans are certainly good at taking orders, they’re also excellent leaders. All branches of the military call for the ability to take initiative, engage in creative problem-solving, and be ready to learn and adapt at a moment’s notice. These skills certainly come in handy when running a successful business.


One major strength of former military members is their ability to sacrifice and work through discomfort. Even the most successful business owner will go through times where they will need to sacrifice things like financial security, a full eight hours of sleep, or their social lives. Veterans take these challenges in stride, and this type of commitment ultimately helps independent businesses thrive.

Risk Evaluation

Managing risk in the small business world might not be as dangerous as evaluating risk in the military, but entrepreneurs definitely need to know what they’re getting into. Military veterans are well-versed in evaluating risk and seizing opportunities that will pay off in the end, making them excellent business owners.


When you join the military, you are signing up for a lifestyle change, not simply a 9-to-5 job. Veterans who turn to owning their own business understand that level of commitment, and won’t start something without giving it 100% and sticking with it.

Vertical Construction is a proudly veteran-owned business. Support your local veterans and veteran-owned businesses this weekend and always. Find a list of businesses owned by veterans at The Veteran Owned Business Project.

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