3 Tips to Improve Your Entryway

Fall and winter mean more indoor activities – game nights, movie nights, and dinners with friends and family. With the additional foot traffic through your home, muddy shoes, and warm-weather gear, you may want to consider improving your home’s entryway. While the potential upgrades and improvements are endless, a few savvy changes can save you money and beautify your home in no time. Here are a few ways to improve your home’s entryway before winter weather arrives:

Replace Your Front Step

Nothing demonstrates a warm welcome like a solid front step. Brick or stone masonry makes a massive difference in the resale value of your home, as wood or vinyl steps and decks won’t last as long as a stone platform. It’ll cost extra, but the feeling of security as you walk up the steps to your home will never go away.

Invest in a New Door

A new door isn’t just a good idea for improving your home’s energy efficiency, but it’s among the first things guests (and potential homeowners) will notice when pulling up to your lot. After all, it’s the first interaction they’ll have with your home, so why not make it as impactful and impressive as it can be.

Expand Your Storage Capabilities

Even if you have a coat closet near your front door, there’s a good chance it’ll get invaded by snow boots, kids’ coats, and all sorts of outdoor toys and gear. Rather than throwing everything into one pile, consider upgrading your entryway to include a seasonal storage closet or nook. It may require bringing your front door out a few more feet, but the extra room for snowboards, skates, and golf clubs could be the perfect solution to your cramped storage areas.

Ready to get started on a fall or winter home improvement project? Take advantage of flexible off-season scheduling and book a consultation with Vertical Construction Group, LLC! We can work with your schedule and budget to ensure your project gets done the right way the first time around. Give us a call today!

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