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Why Fall is the Ideal Time to Remodel Your Home

Most homeowners use the laid-back summer months to take advantage of spare time and make a few improvements around the house, but the cool months of autumn can actually be a great time to make indoor improvements to enjoy all year round. With the right help and guidance, you can make your home improvement dreams a reality and take advantage of a lull in the construction season over the autumn months. Here are a few perks of waiting until winter to plan your home remodel projects.

Impress Your Holiday Guests

Getting your remodel done in early October or November can allow you the opportunity to show off your improvements (or use them for the first time) for guests and family members. Redoing the guest bathroom or finishing your basement are both great ways to make this holiday a memorable one.

Make the Most of Your Time Indoors

Whether you’re working with a contractor or subcontracting a certain part of the project, your involvement in the process can be a productive project while you and your family are cooped up indoors. Minor and side projects can be a great way to get the kids involved in the home improvement process, too!

Take Advantage of Tax Returns

Should you wait to book your construction contractor until the first of the New Year, you can take advantage of a renewed financial picture while preparing your tax returns. Some home improvement projects are tax-deductible (especially if you’re improving your home’s energy efficiency), so timing your project carefully could pay off when tax time comes around the following year.

Ready to look ahead to your home remodel project? Contact the team at Vertical Construction Group to discuss your project and to get an estimate on your project today.

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