Indoor Home Projects Perfect for Fall

Summertime means vacations, beautiful weather, and lots of time spent outside your home. So what does fall mean? Fall means much-needed home repairs! Much like the animal kingdom prepares for winter, so should you prepare your home for the rainy season. Here are three projects that you should look into completing before winter hits. Bathroom…
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5 Reasons Why a General Contractor Is Only as Good as Its Subcontractors

Working as a general contractor in most markets means that customer service, reliability, and reputation will determine the number and quality of prospective clients. Most of the best paying projects and gigs require the work of more than one person and often require a large team of workers to complete the job in a timely…
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Risks of a Low Bid on a Construction Project

As a homeowner comparing bids on a remodel or home building project, it can be tempting to select the lowest bid to keep costs as low as possible. However, there are some serious risks of a low bid on a construction project - if it’s too low. A higher, more accurate bid could actually save…
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